Water Tank Employs Bold Color Palette Protective With Fluoropolymer Coating System

Wamego, Kansas, Water Tank, Tnemec Company, Hydroflon, KSNT
In October, Tnemec Company announced the winner of their coveted Tank of the Year, a 14-year running competition that celebrates the best water tanks in the nation. This year’s winner, the municipal water tank of Wamego, Kansas, beat out over 300 nominated tanks. The massive pedestal tank underwent a colorful repaint using a distinct and meaningful color palette.

Peach Capital of Missouri Encapsulated In City’s Colorful Water Tank

Campbell Missouri Water Tank, Waters Engineering, Maguire Iron, Tnemec Company Inc
The City of Campbell is a small town in Missouri. The town is renowned for its community events; Easter egg hunts, 4th of July fireworks, and of course the annual Missouri Peach Fair. Also called the “Peach Capital of Missouri,” Campbell has been hosting peach-related events since 1944. In 2011, the once one-day festival event expanded to a seven-day peach extravaganza.

Coating Specialist Discusses What Goes Into Successful Systems On The Country’s Most Colorful Water Tanks

Mt Vernon Water Tank, Tnemec Company, Hydroflon
Historically water towers served a single function, to provide clean treated water to their community. Over time, water towers have expanded to provide a branding element to the city they serve, often featuring bold color schemes. Colorful water tanks are showcased throughout the country, offering dynamic alternatives to what were once monochromatic designs.

Ontario Water Tank Boasts Area’s Iconic Color Scheme Using Advanced Fluoropolymer System

Chatham Kent Water Tank, Tnemec, Ontario, Canada
In southwestern Ontario, Canada stands the Chatham-Kent Water Tank. The one-million-gallon tank was built in 1994 and upon an assessment in 2013 was required to undergo both an interior and exterior recoat due to rust bloom. As part of the local area’s Community Brand campaign, which featured the water tank’s design, videos, banners and graphic designs, the tank was redesigned and recoated utilizing Tnemec Company’s fluoropolymer coating system.