In this two part episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with three seasoned powder coaters who specialize in applying FEVE for architectural and other markets. Our distinguished guests included Kevin Maas from Maas Brothers in Livermore, California, Jared Ruggieri from Spectrum Finishing in Youngstown, Ohio, and Jim Hester from Quality Powder Coatings in Carrollton, . We were also joined by Fiona Levin-Smith from in Gainesville, Texas, who supplies fluoropolymer powder coatings to our customers.

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Photography ©Michael Young

Understanding the Powder Coating Process

During our discussion, we delved deep into the powder coating application process. We covered essential aspects like surface preparation, coating application, and the critical importance of quality control. Kevin, Jared, and Jim shared their insights on how these processes ensure the and aesthetic appeal of the final products.

One interesting highlight was the discussion on the AMMA 2605 durable powder coating market. Our experts provided their perspectives on current trends and future directions. They emphasized the importance of coder certification and their active roles in the coating specification process. It's clear that staying updated with industry standards and continuously improving techniques are pivotal for success in this field.

Madison House, Manhattan, NYC, IFS Coatings, IFS 500FP, Michael Young, Architectural
Photography ©Michael Young

The Push for

A significant part of our conversation focused on the growing importance of sustainability in the powder coating industry. Our guests shared how their businesses are incorporating sustainable practices into their processes. Jared mentioned Spectrum Metal Finishing's advanced seven-stage pretreatment system, which ensures the is thoroughly cleaned and free of contaminants before coating. Jim and Kevin also emphasized the necessity of environmentally friendly systems and tight quality controls to maintain high standards without compromising sustainability.

The Value of Certification and Expertise

We also explored the value of becoming a registered applicator. Jim pointed out that the architectural powder coating market has been trending towards higher standards for over a decade. The certification process, though rigorous, builds credibility and ensures that only the highest quality products are delivered to clients. Jared added that being a registered applicator brings instant credibility and confidence, as it guarantees technical support from manufacturers and adherence to stringent specifications.

Olympia, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, Michael Young, Photography, IFS Coatings, IFS 500 FP, Lumiflon
Photography ©Michael Young

Kevin highlighted the role of strong salesmanship and quality products in achieving and maintaining certification. He noted that having a robust product that performs consistently, like the bulletproof FEVE fluoropolymer powder coatings, provides peace of mind and builds trust with clients.

This episode provided valuable insights into the powder coating industry. We thank Kevin Maas, Jared Ruggieri, Jim Hester, and Fiona Levin-Smith for sharing their expertise and experiences. Their contributions highlighted the importance of quality control, sustainability, and certification in delivering top-notch architectural powder coatings.

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