Lumiflon-Fortified Panels Provide Warmth to New Boston LEED-Gold Certified High-Rise

The Sudbury, located in Boston, MA, is a new 46 story high-rise designed by CBT Architects. LEED-gold certified, the residential tower was built in place of the Government Center Garage, a well-known feature within Bullfinch Triangle, which was once a physical barrier that divided some of Boston’s most iconic historic neighborhoods.

A Roundup Of Wildly Colorful Facades Around The Globe

AFT Arquitectos, Tarjeta Naranja, Cordoba, Argentina, Photography Gonzalo Viramonte, Archello
Color in architecture has been researched and analyzed to determine its effects on its inhabitants. Color evokes not only feelings such as excitement, serenity, or warmth, but can serve as an opportunity to capture attention in a heavily competitive marketplace. The influence of color is international, as we explore our most colorful facades around the globe.
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