Award-Winning Muralist Breathes Life in Apple Orchard-Inspired Water Tower

Mount Jackson, Water Tank, Hydroflon, Eric Henn, Tnemec
After towering over Mount Jackson, Virginia on Interstate 81 more than a decade, the town’s well-known water tower, adorned with the image of a basket of apples, was due for a makeover. Exposure to the elements, UV radiation, moisture, salt, and the like, left the tank with rust spots both internally and externally. Mount Jackson’s Town Manager at the time, Kevin Fauber, shared the details of the tower’s design. He stated, “the design of red apples filling a wooden basket is plastered on 3M sheets, similar to vinyl that adhere to the sides of the water tank.”

The Vibrant Canvas: Exploring the Aesthetics and Statements of Water Tank Coatings

La Porte, Water Tank, Texas, Tnemec Company Inc, Hydroflon
Water tanks are a ubiquitous feature in communities worldwide, serving as vital reservoirs that ensure a steady supply of water for various purposes. While their primary function is utilitarian, the exterior coatings of these tanks often play a surprising role in shaping the visual landscape of neighborhoods. From vibrant colors to intricate designs, water tank coatings are more than just protective layers – they make statements about the community they serve.

Iconic Haribo-Themed Water Tank Makes Top 12 in 2023 Tank of the Year Competition

Haribo, Water Tank, Hydroflon, Tnemec, Eric Henn
Among this year’s entrants in Tnemec’s annual “Tank of the Year” competition, a piece of Pleasant Prairie, WI history stood out among the rest, ultimately earning its place as one of the top 12 finalists. Pleasant Prairie is home to the first North American Haribo factory, a popular producer of gums and jellies, liquorice, and fruity chews, first founded in 1920. Muralist Eric Henn wor...

City of Amarillo Celebrates Historic Route 66 Ties with Redesigned Water Tower

Route 66, Water tower, Water tank, Amarillo, Texas, Tnemec, Hydroflon, Lumiflon, Shannon Richardson
Stretched out from windy Chicago to sunny L.A., Route 66, often referred to as the Mother Road, presents a series of diverse tales that paint a picture of American history. Though there are some parts of Route 66 that can’t be traveled, the famous road still encapsulates the idea of the American Road Trip. One city the iconic route passes through, Amarillo, Texas, sought to celebrate its ties to Route 66 with a fresh, new design, added to a local steel water tank.

Dum Dums Themed Water Tank Creates Prideful Addition To Candy Company Town

Dum Dums, Bryan, Ohio, Spangler, Water Tower, Tnemec, Hydroflon
The Spangler Candy Company's best-known product will adorn the water tower near their plant in Bryan, Ohio. Dum Dums lollipops will be celebrated on the repainted water tank joint venture of Spangler Candy and the Bryan Board of Public Affairs. The team commissioned Eric Henn, an award-winning muralist, for the repaint that Spangler will fund. Henn is world renowned for his murals and has been featured on other famous Tnemec-based tanks, like in Destin, Florida.