Podcast Episode 3: Exploring Powder Coatings and Architectural Solutions

In our third podcast episode, The Power of Powder in the Architectural Market, we sat down with Gary Edgar, National Specification Manager of PPG Industrial Coatings for building products. We discussed the key benefits of Powder vs. Liquid coatings and PPG's unique Coraflon® Platinum product and how it's changing the game in the architectural space.

Episode 1 of Lumiflon’s Podcast Series “In the Mix” Has Dropped

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In our first episode, Meeting the Requirements of a Coating Specification, we had the privilege of sitting down with two industry experts, Rowan O. Georges, Lead Specifications Writer at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill NYC, and Fiona Levin-Smith, Vice President of Marketing at IFS Coatings. This insightful conversation revolved around the evolution of design processes, the specification of coatings, and the pivotal role that sustainability plays in shaping the architectural landscape. Join us as we delve into their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.

Lumiflon Launches New Podcast Series, “In the Mix”

In the world of architectural and industrial design, the importance of paint coatings cannot be overstated. Whether it's protecting structures from the elements, enhancing aesthetics, or ensuring longevity, the choices made in the realm of paint coatings can have a profound impact on the overall success of a project. But what goes on behind the scenes when experts are making decisions about which coatings to use? What factors influence their strategic planning approaches to meet current structural needs and future market demands? These are the questions we aim to explore in our exciting new podcast series.

Upcoming Webinar: FEVE Technology: LUMIFLON® Resins for Coatings

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Protective coatings fight deterioration caused by environmental elements, while also reducing maintenance costs and increasing the life of the finish. The design professional will explore different coatings, specifically fluoropolymers, and their benefits. Through this one hour course, we will also learn how next-generation fluoropolymer coating technology exhibits excellent weatherability and environmental advantages. This course will conclude with a brief Q&A.