Podcast Episode 8: Sustainability in Coatings: A Conversation with Akzo Nobel Experts

In today's episode, we're privileged to host two distinguished guests from Akzo Nobel: Bob Dirks, Global Segment Manager for Architectural Coatings, and Gabriel Morales Sada, Architectural and Specifications Manager for North America. We'll discuss sustainability and what Akzo Nobel’s initiatives are and how they're affecting their product marketing goals and how they're using this to develop th...

Podcast Episode 6: Unveiling Color Trends in Architectural Coatings: Insights from Akzo Nobel Experts

In our 6th episode, we embark on a captivating journey into the realm of architectural coatings, exploring the intricate interplay between color trends, technological innovation, and market dynamics. We speak with two distinguished experts from Akzo Nobel, Bob Dirks and Gabriel Morales Sada, delving deep into the fascinating world of color in powder coatings.

Podcast Episode 5: Mastering the Application of High-Performance Coatings: A Contractor’s Perspective

In our 5th episode, we engage in a riveting conversation with Bob Ruff, the Technical Director at All-Tech Decorating Company in Romeoville, Illinois, bringing over 20 years of experience in applying FEVE coatings across diverse structures in the Americas. As we delve into the world of coatings, Bob shares insights into All-Tech's unique role in the decision-making process, from coating specification to application, and the challenges they face in this complex industry.