The Vibrant Canvas: Exploring the Aesthetics and Statements of Water Tank Coatings

La Porte, Water Tank, Texas, Tnemec Company Inc, Hydroflon
Water tanks are a ubiquitous feature in communities worldwide, serving as vital reservoirs that ensure a steady supply of water for various purposes. While their primary function is utilitarian, the exterior coatings of these tanks often play a surprising role in shaping the visual landscape of neighborhoods. From vibrant colors to intricate designs, water tank coatings are more than just protective layers – they make statements about the community they serve.

Lumiflon Guest Blog: Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Buildings

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Climate change is the result of increasing greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions. Buildings generate nearly 40% of those emissions. The measurement of these greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions determine a building’s carbon footprint. As architects and engineers, we have the ability to affect climate change by how we design and construct buildings. The best way to determine how well we are pr...
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