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AIA Continuing Education

Powder and Liquid FEVE Coatings for Curtain Wall & Infrastructure Applications

Course number: AGC09C

Discover the strengths and advantages of FEVE fluoropolymer topcoats for bridges and curtain walls, as well as maintenance re-coating of existing finishes. Evaluation of coating performance tests including accelerated weathering and real-time weathering and what the implications are for the life of different coatings. Assessment of the life-cycle cost advantage and sustainability benefits of FEVE topcoats despite their higher initial cost compared to other topcoat formulations.

AIA Continuing Education

Extending Infrastructure Life Using FEVE Bridge Coatings

Course number: AGC09B

Identify FEVE fluoropolymer resin bridge coatings and review incentives for specifying FEVE industrial maintenance coatings for bridges in terms of performance, application, and maintenance. Review of real-time and accelerated testing history of FEVE coatings that demonstrate its proven performance and quantify life-cycle benefits of FEVE coating for bridges.

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