Contemporary Hospital Produces Welcoming Facade With High Performance Sustainable Materials

Northern Beaches Hospital, Frenchs Forest, Australia, BVN Architecture, Photography John Gollings
The Northern Beaches Hospital is a multipurpose healthcare development with emergency and clinical support facilities in a single location. Completed in 2018, the project was designed by Sydney-based firm BVN. At its core, the facility is a modern take on traditional healthcare design. Non-sterile looking, this warm building provides a welcoming atmosphere from the inside out.

The Use Of High Performance Coatings Systems On Bridges Around The World

Castle Bridge, Finzels Reach, Bristol, UK, Photography Temple Point Finzels Reach
FEVE fluoropolymer topcoats have been used in Japan for nearly four decades. Over the years, the material has been seen as the superior topcoat system in the bridge market due to numerous advantages. As a result, most bridges in Japan are coated with this technology. Some of these bridges, which were coated over 30 years ago, still showcase excellent color and gloss retention. Gaining momentum, this technology is utilized on bridges around the world.

Highway Engineer Shares His Experience With FEVE Coatings System On Highly Corroded Bridge

West Sussex Bridlebridge Recoat, Michael Taylor, Principal Highway Engineer, FEVE Resin
Taylor describes, “As the designer of the scheme and the Principal Engineer responsible for the maintenance and inspection of West Sussex County Council’s structures stock (circa 880) I am well versed in asset management principles and therefore recognized the importance of selecting a paint system that could offer both durability and value for our customers. In addition to this, I was mindful of minimizing carbon footprint in line with WSCC’s long term priorities/commitments.”

The Advantages Of FEVE Fluoropolymer Topcoats For Bridges

Blue Bridge, Grand Rapids, Tnemec Fluoronar, FEVE Resin, Lumiflon
FEVE fluoropolymer topcoats are a fluorinated polyurethane-type system. This allows the system to contain not only the advantages of the polyurethane bond such as flexibility and strength, but also allowing for longevity and the ability to withstand environmental deterrents such as UV degradation for years and possibly decades, as seen with the fluorinated portion of the system. But, the fluorinated portion of the system allows for the longevity and the ability to withstand environmental deterrents such as UV degradation for years and possibly decades.
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