In today's episode, we're privileged to host two distinguished guests from : Bob Dirks, Global Segment Manager for Architectural Coatings, and Gabriel Morales Sada, Architectural and Specifications Manager for North America. We'll discuss and what Akzo Nobel's initiatives are and how they're affecting their product marketing goals and how they're using this to develop the product marketing.

Introductions and Roles

Bob Dirks leads us into the discussion by sharing his global perspective on Akzo Nobel's architectural business. Her responsibilities include defining strategic approaches, product portfolios, and sustainability initiatives to meet market demands. Gabriel Morales Sada complements the dialogue, providing insights into his team's focus on specifications and continuing , particularly regarding the transition from liquid to powder coatings.

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Photography ©Jason O'Rear

The Evolution of Sustainability at Akzo Nobel:

Bob elaborates on Akzo Nobel's pioneering commitment to sustainability through initiatives like the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTI). He emphasizes the company's holistic approach, assuming responsibility for the entire value chain, from manufacturing to application and beyond. Gabriel underscores their short and long-term sustainability goals, including reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy use, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Sustainability Strategies and Key Focus Areas:

The conversation delves into the core drivers of sustainable coatings, notably increasing product and reducing energy consumption. Bob emphasizes the significance of longevity in sustainability, highlighting how resins enable products to endure for extended periods, thereby minimizing environmental impacts. Both experts stress the importance of collaboration across the value chain to achieve sustainability objectives.

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Regional vs. Global Approaches:

Bob and Gabriel shed light on Akzo Nobel's integrated sustainability strategy, balancing global objectives with regional adaptation. While overarching goals originate from the company's global perspective, they are implemented and customized at regional levels to align with local regulations, trends, and customer needs.

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Photography ©Alan Schindler

As the podcast draws to a close, Bob and Gabriel invite listeners to engage further with Akzo Nobel's sustainability initiatives, encouraging exploration of resources like Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). They emphasize the collective responsibility of industry stakeholders in advancing sustainability practices, underscoring the pivotal role of collaboration in driving positive change.

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