Amazon Spheres Takes Biophilic Design to New Heights

Seattle, Washington is home to Amazon’s headquarters. The online retailer has worked relentlessly to incorporate itself with its metropolitan backdrop, developing urban plans that include a variety of buildings, plazas, and other open spaces for the public to enjoy. One such addition that not only contributes to Amazon’s presence in Seattle, but serves as a demonstration of the company’s position as an industry leader in innovation are the Amazon Spheres.

Iconic Haribo-Themed Water Tank Makes Top 12 in 2023 Tank of the Year Competition

Haribo, Water Tank, Hydroflon, Tnemec, Eric Henn
Among this year’s entrants in Tnemec’s annual “Tank of the Year” competition, a piece of Pleasant Prairie, WI history stood out among the rest, ultimately earning its place as one of the top 12 finalists. Pleasant Prairie is home to the first North American Haribo factory, a popular producer of gums and jellies, liquorice, and fruity chews, first founded in 1920. Muralist Eric Henn wor...

City of Amarillo Celebrates Historic Route 66 Ties with Redesigned Water Tower

Route 66, Water tower, Water tank, Amarillo, Texas, Tnemec, Hydroflon, Lumiflon, Shannon Richardson
Stretched out from windy Chicago to sunny L.A., Route 66, often referred to as the Mother Road, presents a series of diverse tales that paint a picture of American history. Though there are some parts of Route 66 that can’t be traveled, the famous road still encapsulates the idea of the American Road Trip. One city the iconic route passes through, Amarillo, Texas, sought to celebrate its ties to Route 66 with a fresh, new design, added to a local steel water tank.