FEVE-Based Coatings Provide New Shine to South Carolina Aquarium

south carolina, aquarium, fluoronar, tnemec
In Charleston’s historic district, the South Carolina Aquarium exists as part rehabilitation center, part hospital, and part exhibit. Along with nine main galleries, the aquarium also features the Sea Turtle Care Center. Visitors can watch as employees and volunteers work with sick and injured sea turtles, diagnosing and treating them with the goal of releasing them back into their natural habitat. The care center has nursed over 250 sea turtles back to health since its inception.

Lumiflon-Fortified Panels Provide Warmth to New Boston LEED-Gold Certified High-Rise

The Sudbury, located in Boston, MA, is a new 46 story high-rise designed by CBT Architects. LEED-gold certified, the residential tower was built in place of the Government Center Garage, a well-known feature within Bullfinch Triangle, which was once a physical barrier that divided some of Boston’s most iconic historic neighborhoods.

Award-Winning Muralist Breathes Life in Apple Orchard-Inspired Water Tower

Mount Jackson, Water Tank, Hydroflon, Eric Henn, Tnemec
After towering over Mount Jackson, Virginia on Interstate 81 more than a decade, the town’s well-known water tower, adorned with the image of a basket of apples, was due for a makeover. Exposure to the elements, UV radiation, moisture, salt, and the like, left the tank with rust spots both internally and externally. Mount Jackson’s Town Manager at the time, Kevin Fauber, shared the details of the tower’s design. He stated, “the design of red apples filling a wooden basket is plastered on 3M sheets, similar to vinyl that adhere to the sides of the water tank.”

The Vibrant Canvas: Exploring the Aesthetics and Statements of Water Tank Coatings

La Porte, Water Tank, Texas, Tnemec Company Inc, Hydroflon
Water tanks are a ubiquitous feature in communities worldwide, serving as vital reservoirs that ensure a steady supply of water for various purposes. While their primary function is utilitarian, the exterior coatings of these tanks often play a surprising role in shaping the visual landscape of neighborhoods. From vibrant colors to intricate designs, water tank coatings are more than just protective layers – they make statements about the community they serve.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Revitalized with High Performance Coating System

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Tnemec, Fluoronar
Along the Grand Canyon’s west rim is the skywalk, a cantilever glass bridge that is situated 4,000 feet over the canyon’s floor. The bridge, which is curved like a horseshoe, extends 70 feet from the canyon wall so visitors seeking a thrill will feel as if they are walking on air. Commissioned by the Hualapai Tribe, the attraction was designed by architect Mark Ross Johnson and opened in 2007.