Horsham, Bridge, AI Coatings, Vitreflon, Unova

Completed in 2022, the new North Horsham footbridge is a 225m structure, connecting West Sussex's Horsham to the Mowbray Village over the A26. Manufactured and painted by Nusteel Structures, in conjunction with main contractors Natta Building Co., the footbridge stretches out 55m across its two supporting peers. Nusteel Structures manufactured the bridge in four sections, bolting them together on site.

The asset owners, the West Sussex County Council, have been working to act upon climate change for many years. In 2020, the West Sussex County Council implemented a Carbon Management Plan, striving to attain zero carbon emissions by the year 2030. According to the council, “This strategy sets out our intent to act upon five key aspects between now and 2030: reducing our emissions, adapting and building resilience to climate change, growing our local green economy, using our resources sustainably and transforming the way we work.”

Horsham, Bridge, AI Coatings, Vitreflon, Unova

Part of this plan also includes prioritizing when specifying materials for developing architectural projects

Horsham, Bridge, AI Coatings, Vitreflon, Unova

Ideally, projects carried out under the Carbon Management Plan would utilize materials that expand the infrastructure's overall lifespan. provides coatings systems with unmatched color and , excellent , and superior that can withstand prolonged exposure to UV radiation, moisture, salt, and other elemental deterrents. This ensures the structural integrity of a coating remains intact for decades.

Low-VOC and fortified with anti-graffiti formulations, as well as anti-corrosive properties, the Lumiflon FEVE resin applied to the bridge will allow for a lengthened lifespan, ultimately serving as one of the more cost effective options on the market.

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