Local Jr. High School Students Design The Town’s Water Tower With Bold Design

Clinton Mississippi, Water Tower, Tnemec Company, Hydroflon
Water towers often provide a source of local pride. These towering facilities are commissioned by local artists or design firms and feature a town’s signature colorway or icons. But the Clinton, Mississippi water tower evokes something more, a sense of pride for the local students of Clinton Jr. High School who were responsible for its design. Clinton Town Mayor, Phil Fisher explains, “All...

Farmers Branch Water Tank Features Bright Green Finish With Protective Fluoropolymer Coating System

Farmers Branch Texas Water_Tank, Tnemec Company Inc
Among the 12 finalists of the coveted Tank of the Year Award in 2019 was the Farmers Branch bright green water tank. The tank, completed by the city of Farmers Branch in April 2019, was the collaborative effort of Field Applicator, J.F. Stelzer and Engineering Firm Birkhoff, Hendricks & Carter, LLP.