Hongli Wang, Ph. D., Senior Development Engineer at AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc., is expected to give a presentation regarding low-cost /Polyester blending at the 2017 Waterbourne Symposium.

Dr. Wang states, “Our new powder coating developments focus on creating value by lowering cost, improving coating flexibility and surface quality, controlling coating gloss and producing new formulations to meet costumers’ needs.” She will also be discussing the advantages of resin-based coatings, which includes long life expectancy, eco-friendliness, and weatherability.

Additionally, AGCCA will be showcasing environmentally-friendly LUMIFLON® resin grades at Booth #206. AGC’s LUMIFLON® FEVE resin is the world’s first solvent-soluble fluoropolymer that offers that are hyper-durable with outstanding corrosion resistance, weatherability, and exceptional gloss and color retention capabilities. The unique composition of the formulation allows for a coating whose structural integrity won’t be compromised by UV radiation, moisture, salt, or other elemental deterrents.

Coating systems that utilize Lumiflon resin have been applied to many architectural projects since 1982. Buildings, bridges, water tanks, aircrafts, solar panels, and other surfaces that have had Lumiflon FEVE resin-based applied can last up to 30 years without recoating, which surpasses AAMA 2605 requirements.

The 2017 Waterbourne Symposium will be held at the New Orleans Marriott on February 19-24. AGCCA will be showcasing LUMIFLON® resin at Booth #206.


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