White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Water Tank, Tnemec Company

In White Bear Lake, Minnesota, you will find a water tower, visible from I-35E and located on Centerville Road. The tank services the city with over 25,000, one of three reservoirs in White Bear Lake. The tank was recently repainted, a much-needed revamp, in 2020 to feature a white bear peeking over the waterline.

White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Water Tank, Dan Jones, Artist
©White Bear Press

White Bear Lake City Council member Dan Jones is the tank's artist conceiving the concept of a design that was not too cute but “…just a bit unconventional. Something that everyone could appreciate and maybe put a smile on their face.”

The tank features a UV-resistant topcoat, Series 700 by Tnemec Company. In addition, the representatives describe, “And just down the road, in White Bear Lake Township, another water tank was completed using the same coating system the same year. In the end, both tanks have helped beautify the community while lowering the tanks' overall lifecycle costs and providing the municipalities with the most sustainable coating solutions available.”

White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Water Tank, Dan Jones, Artist
image © White Bear Press

The HydroFlon fluoropolymer finish ensures long-lasting gloss and . This next-generation, high-performance fluoropolymer contains Lumiflon FEVE , which is the main contributor to the coating system's hyper-. In addition, Lumiflon FEVE resin protects water tank surfaces, helping prevent coating degradation at the hands of UV radiation, salt, and water. FEVE-based coatings also offer superior color and and anti-corrosion properties that maintain the coating's structural integrity.

In 2020, the White Bear Lake water tower was ranked number 6 in Company's nationwide Tank of the Year contest.

Information and photography courtesy of Tnemec Company and White Bear Press
Video courtesy of the project's engineers SEH

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