The Village of Grafton, Ohio, Water Tank, Tnemec Company

The Grafton elevated water tower has provided water services to the community of Grafton, Ohio since the 1990's. Serving the residents, businesses, and even local Grafton Village Fire Department, the tank has been continuously exposed to the climatic conditions of northwest Ohio. And in 2019, the city secured a grant to rehabilitate to aging tank.

The Village of Grafton, with its 200-year history, utilized the refurbishment as an opportunity to redesign the tank's aesthetics. To mimic the downtown area's tank, a new logo was added with as the town describes, “…sunburst graphics to signify the dawn of Grafton commitment to renewable energy generation through solar power,” strategically placed to the East to catch the sunrise.

The Village of Grafton, Ohio, Elevated Water Tank, Before and After

Tnemec Company Inc. was commissioned, along with engineers Poggemeyer Design Group and field applicators LC United, to complete the tank's rehabilitation. “To make sure that the new design lasts long into the future, but also meets local air district requirements for VOCs, the project team selected to use 's low VOC topcoat, Series V700 , which will help the logo and website on the tank retain its color and gloss for decades,” representatives at Tnemec Company describe.

The HydroFlon fluoropolymer finish ensures long-lasting gloss and . This next-generation, high-performance fluoropolymer, contains Lumiflon FEVE , which is a main contributor to the coating system's hyper-. Lumiflon FEVE resin provides protection to the water tank surfaces, helping to prevent coating degradation at the hands of UV radiation, salt, and water. FEVE-based coatings also offer superior color and and anti-corrosion properties that maintain the coating's structural integrity.

Information and photography courtesy of © Tnemec Company, Inc. and the Village of Grafton

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