The Gladeville Elementary School in Galax, VA is another example of a school building that uses a standing seam roof system. Many building owners look to these roof systems because of their , versatility and longevity, however, the baked-on finishes are usually the first component of standing seam metal roofs to fail. Instead of a cost-intensive replacement, many building owners seek a professional recoating. In the case of the Gladeville Elementary School, All-Tech Coatings contractors were able to achieve a factory-like finish using PPG's ADS coating with Lumiflon FEVE resin – which has been proven to outperform similar coatings systems.


The original baked-on Kynar finish of the elementary school roof was faded, with exposed in many areas. All-Tech's contractors stripped the original coating from over 14,000 square feet of roofing panels down to the bare galvanization and cleaned the surfaces to SSPC-SP6 standards. Following the cleaning, an intermediate coat of an epoxy-based primer was applied at 2.0 mil dry film thickness (DFT). The final coat of Coraflon ADS in Cape Blue was applied at 1.5-2.0 mil DFT to provide the closest match of the roof's original color.


Bob Ruff, sales manager of the , a specialty division of , continues to recommend 's Coraflon ADS with Lumiflon FEVE fluoropolymer resins for their flexibility, durability and longevity in roof restorations. These coatings provide the most convenient applications for All-Tech Coatings because of their diverse formulations, expedited drying times, wide range of colors and ambient curing temperatures.


LUMIFLON®, a product of the Asahi Glass Company, is a fluoropolymer resin that offers distinct advantages to the architectural market. LUMIFLON® provides architects with the option of using brighter colors and higher gloss, allowing gloss values as high as 90; offers the flexibility to be heat cured or cured at ambient temperature, giving fabricators a choice between shop application or application in the field; and can be used successfully on a number of materials, including steel, , , concrete and polycarbonate for 30 years without fading.

All-Tech Coatings is a division at All-Tech Decorating Company; Romeoville, IL, which specializes in the application of high performance coatings on metal substrates, and mostly architectural standing seam metal roofing and curtain wall systems that have a baked on fluoropolymer finish.

PPG Industries; Pittsburgh, PA, is a leading coatings and specialty products and services company, serving customers in construction, consumer products, industrial and transportation markets and aftermarkets. PPG has manufacturing facilities and equity affiliates in more than 60 countries around the globe.

Images and information courtesy of © All-Tech Coatings.

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  1. Wow, the difference between the before and after photos. Great job!

    Two thumbs up!

  2. Over the past 20 years, three locals restored the 1906 meeting hall in Rumsey, northern California, catching it during an increasing lean just before it fell down.

    What nearby contractor is familiar with LUMIFLON and its application procedure?

    Tom Bright
    (916) 591-2119

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