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The benefits of utilizing a cladding material are endless. Single skin metals are a sustainable, versatile, lightweight alternative to many traditional cladding products. The ease of use of metal allows for customized designs, including unique fabrication and perforation. But the customized finish lines of the single skin metals have allowed the product to compete with timber, stone, and natural metals.

Hilton Rochester, Mayo Clinic, HGA, Pure Freeform, Zebra Limestone, Metal Panels, Lumiflon, Photography Phalanx Studios
Pure Freeform Finish: Zebra Limestone, ©Photography Phalanx Studios

Natural stones and brick materials are not only heavy but expensive, requiring increased labor costs with specialty installation requirements. Yet the stone-look of a single skin metal contains the likeness of stone with the weight of metal, making it an ideal material for large .

950 Tennessee, Handel Architects, San Francisco, Dogpatch, Pure Freeform, Lumiflon USA, Scott Hargis
Finishes: Vintage Steel and Vintage Nickel, ©Photograph Scott Hargis

Single skin metal materials are also highly sustainable, containing 100% recyclable material. With the addition of high-performance coatings systems, these single skin plate panels can withstand harsh climates, UV radiation, chemical, salt, and wind deterrents. As the manufacturers at Pure + Freeform explain, “75% of the Earth's original is still in use today – making it one of the most recyclable and recycled materials.”

Brick and the Machine, Culver City, Abramson Architects, Pure Freeform, LUMIFLON USA, Sean Costello Photography
Pure + Freeform Finish: Machine Blue, ©Sean Costello Photography

These products are seen in virtually every aspect of architecture, such as facades, ceilings, elevators, interior walls, canopies, and even signage. With the ability to obtain custom designs with endless finish options, single skin panels remain an adaptable, sustainable, and premier building material choice.

Brooklyn Historic Macys, Shimoda Design Group, New York, Pure Freeform, Lumiflon USA, REED Photographic
Pure + Freeform Finish: Prismatic Spritz, ©REED Photographic

All featured projects utilize Pure + Freeform single skin enriched with Lumiflon FEVE resin . Coatings with Lumiflon FEVE resin technology offer benefits that many other coatings do not. The provides unmatched , which helps prevent coating degradation. FEVE-based coatings also help reduce lifecycle costs, as their hyper- allows a coating to resist degradation in the face of UV radiation, salt, and water for decades.

Featured projects from © Pure + Freeform
Photography: various; see below each image

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