Dupaco Community Credit Union, Iowa, ALPOLIC MCM, MDSI

The Dupaco Community Credit Union opened its new branch in Marion in the Summer of 2017. The Dubuque-based company in Iowa has added numerous modern amenities to this over 7,000 square-foot building. One of those advancements is a “full-service learning lab,” which offers customers support in understanding and handling their own finances.

The company has a signature logo that features a unique hue of orange. In an attempt to mimic the logo, the façade utilizes brightly colored panels by ALPOLIC® Materials, fabricated by Metal Design Systems Inc. As the representatives at describe, “Businesses are often recognized by signature colors. Bright orange ALPOLIC MCM on the envelope of this Dupaco Community Credit Union serves to highlight their brand recognition. Smooth color, with no oilcanning!”

Dupaco Community Credit Union, Iowa, ALPOLIC MCM, MDSI

When architects design colorful buildings their design intent can only be achieved with the right coating . FEVE coatings ensure aesthetic preservation by offering unparalleled weather resistance, and gloss ranges. Specifying coatings with high performing characteristics ensures a finish will endure through time while still exhibiting that initial luster.

The ALPOLIC® panels on the Dupaco Community Center are enhanced with Lumiflon FEVE resin. coated with Lumiflon fluoropolymer technology achieves a plethora of benefits including longer life cycles, reduced costs, higher gloss ranges and unparalleled . The combination of and Lumiflon resin allow for colorful to retain their luster for years to come.

Photography courtesy of ALPOLIC® Materials

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