UNStudio, ALPOLIC Materials, BAU Germany, Tradeshow Booth 2017, Prismatic, Lumiflon FEVE Resin, Photography Laurian Ghinitoiu

The effects of colors in design have been widely explored. In addition, the psychology of color has assisted designers in gaining crucial insight into how color influences human behaviors. Each color, from reds to blues, impacts how individuals feel and interact with designs.

According to an article published by Arch Daily on “How Color Affects Architecture,” reds are a particularly difficult hue. While some shades can be exciting or enhancing, others can be overpowering. Reds are a shade that requires discretion. The right hue can effectively draw people in, while the wrong can detract people.

565 Great Northern Way Pavilion, Perkins Will, Keith Panel Systems, Alucobond Spectra Red, Photography Keith Panel
565 Great Northern Way Pavilion, Photography Keith Panel

The Linx, Watertown, MA, SGA Arch, Callahan, Boylston Properties, Commercial, CEI Materials
The Linx, Photography CEI Materials

Seemingly less aggressive than reds, oranges offer calmness. Oranges are playful, friendly, and often bright. Designers generally use oranges to create soothing environments.

AFT Arquitectos, Tarjeta Naranja, Cordoba, Argentina, Photography Gonzalo Viramonte, Archello
Tarjeta Naranja, Photography Gonzalo Viramonte

Similarly to orange, blues have a calming nature. As a primary color, blues are peaceful and reminiscent of powerful forces such as the ocean.

Huntingtower School, STEM Lab, HARWYN Modular Pods, Australia
Huntingtower School, HARWYN Modular Pods

Brick and the Machine, Culver City, Abramson Architects, Pure Freeform, LUMIFLON USA, Sean Costello Photography
Brick and the Machine, Sean Costello Photography

Greens evoke the suggestion of . Like blues, they have a natural feel, reminding us of a lush landscape. However, while the brighter greens, such as neon, offer a more playful effect, they are lighthearted and cheerful.

marine gateway perkins will architects vancouver british columbia alucobond aluminum composite material mark kempf photography lumiflon feve
Marine Gateway, Mark Kempf Photography

Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital, Queensland, Conrad Gargett Riddel, Lyons Architecture, ALPOLIC Panels, Builder Abi Group, Photography Dianna Snape
Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital, Photography Dianna Snape

Purple hues have a calmness, a relaxing quality. Yet, similarly to other bright hues, neon-based purples are exciting and whimsical.

UNStudio, ALPOLIC Materials, BAU Germany, Tradeshow Booth 2017, Prismatic, Lumiflon FEVE Resin, Photography Laurian Ghinitoiu
UNStudio's BAU Germany Tradeshow Booth, Photography Laurian Ghinitoiu

Colors have an “emotive power,” impacting how individuals interact with designs. Colors can be soothing, playful, and exciting. Color assists designers in developing interactive façades that release powerful emotional responses.

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