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Title: FEVE : LUMIFLON® Resins for Coatings
Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Time: 01:00 PM ET
Speaker: Don Lawson, Technical Development Chemist at AGC Chemicals America
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-Define FEVE and discuss FEVE coating technology, grades and unique properties.
-Discuss real-time and accelerated testing of FEVE coatings that demonstrate their proven performance in terms of and color/ over long periods of time.
-We will also assess the life-cycle cost advantage and benefits of FEVE topcoats despite their higher initial cost compared to other topcoat formulations.
-Discuss guidelines for proper specification and explore several real-world applications.

Speaker Biography: Donald Lawson received his B.S. in chemistry from Illinois State University. With over 40 years of formulation experience in the coatings industry, Mr. Lawson has developed coatings for aerospace, military, and industrial applications. He has written extensive computer software to assist in formulation assessment and development. He is a co-inventor holding a patent on cardanol-based dimers and a past recipient of the Dexter Corporation's exceptional achievement award. Don is currently assigned to the LUMIFLON® technical service group of AGC, Inc.

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