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AGC Chemicals Americas is proud to sponsor a free webinar 

Date/Time: Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 11:00AM ET
Duration: 60 Minutes
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This webinar was developed so architects could understand the advantages and disadvantages of liquid and powder coating technologies for the architectural markets. Participants will learn about the markets, the different coating technologies, manufacturing process and application methods. The main benefit of the webinar will be to aid architects in the coating selection process. This includes information on appearance, end use, cost and other factors.

Learning objectives:

1. Participants will understand the markets and basics of liquid and .
2. Participants will learn the difference between and FEVE coatings.
3. Participants will learn about the type of pigmentation and appearance between liquid and powder coatings.
4. Participants will be able to understand the benefits of liquid and powder coatings and how this can be applied to specific end uses.

Speaker: Scott Moffatt, Architectural Market Manager, Building Products,
Sponsor: LUMIFLON® FEVE Resins

Scott Moffatt currently holds the position as Architectural Market Manager, Building Products for the coil and extrusion groups within PPG, a major coatings company. He has thirty-nine years of experience within PPG's Industrial organization in various sales, sales management and marketing functions covering multiple technologies and market segments. Mr. Moffatt spent five years living and managing businesses throughout Europe and then held global positions coordinating sales, technical and manufacturing strategies for Europe and Asia. His current position involves getting PPG specified with architectural firms, glazing companies and applicators. Scott represents PPG to all the major associations involved with the building industry (MCA, MRA, MBMA, AEC, AAMA, and CRRC). 

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