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Presentation Details:

Coatings+ 2020- SSPC

Long Beach, CA, Long Beach Convention Center

Thursday, February 6th at 9:30AM

The Coatings+ Show in Long Beach, California in the Long Beach Convention Center will feature a series of Technical Sessions and Workshops that focus on surface preparation, application, coating formulation, testing, inspection, and green coatings solutions.

Don Lawson of AGC Chemicals Americas, LUMIFLON, will be speaking on Thursday, February 6th at 9:30AM.

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Evaluation of Single Layer Coating Performance in Corrosive Environments

Talk Description:
Substrate preparation which includes the removal of contaminates along with abrading or etching to create a surface profile via mechanical or chemical methods have a major impact on the adhesion performance of applied coatings. For coatings, a primary performance characteristic is adhesion after exposure to corrosive environments. One of the consequences of corrosion forming under a coating is the loss of adhesion or delamination of the coating. We used electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) along with accelerated exposure testing (ultraviolet light cycling with condensation, salt-spray) to determine the influence of corrosion inhibitors on the adhesion of direct-to- topcoats.

Donald Lawson III
AGC, Inc. – Lumiflon

Donald Lawson received his B.S. in chemistry from Illinois State University. With over 38 years of formulation experience in the coatings industry, Mr. Lawson has developed coatings for aerospace, military, and industrial applications. He has written extensive computer software to assist in formulation assessment and development. He is a co-inventor holding a patent on cardanol based dimmers and a past recipient of the Dexter Corporation's exceptional achievement award. Don is currently assigned to the LUMIFLON technical service group of AGCCA, Inc.

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