LUMIFLON FEVE Resin Waunakee Elevated Water Tank Tnemec Architecture

The distinctiveness of the LUMIFLON/FEVE resin often causes the experienced coating formulator to wonder about the versatility of these raw materials. Many of our customers have asked us about the friendliness of these resins toward other resin types. In response, we have done several compatibility studies with both the solvent based resins and the water-borne emulsions. Our results have indicated that a wide variety of resin types are quite comfortable when paired up with a LUMIFLON resin in a formulation. We see this positive discovery as a big step in the use of LUMIFLON resins for many types of coatings.

Having said this, it is important to remind everyone that the biggest performance enhancement of FEVE technology has always been its . Our exposure testing has shown that LUMIFLON resin-based coatings have the potential to last 50 years. However, if some specific markets are looking for enhanced weatherability, but do not need a coating which will endure 50 years of service, the option of blending in another resin makes sense. The benefits of blending include lower raw material costs and also enhancement of other properties.

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