LUMIFLON FEVE Resin, "Coeur d'Alene" Idaho, All-Tech Decorating Company

Repainting and maintenance work on buildings, bridges, and other structures can cause both financial and operating disruptions. There are also significant environmental costs associated with repainting operations. FEVE resins minimize these costs.

In addition to low VOC content, low make FEVE a more environmentally friendly choice. In a typical scenario, FEVE based coatings are more expensive than polyurethane coatings on a $/gallon basis. However, due to FEVE's superior , they will last at least twice as long as most coatings before recoating is necessary.

The outstanding weatherability of FEVE resins is due to the unique high bond energy of the carbon-fluorine bond, and to their unique polymer structure. FEVE resins successfully prevent UV degradation thus maximizing

Fluorourethanes made with FEVE resins can perform effectively for several years in the presence of such corrosion initiators as chloride ions, water and oxygen. This advantage is due to the fluorine atom making the FEVE Coating “tight” and its inherent low levels of coating degradation.

Investing in FEVE coatings today can reduce the use of maintenance dollars in the future, freeing these funds for use on other projects. When applied at adequate thickness, FEVE based topcoats can be expected to last up to 60 years.

FEVE resins have a 20-year history of successful use in the field. FEVE coatings can substantially reduce life cycle costs for bridges, buildings, and other structures while offering significant improvements in appearance and corrosion protection over the life of the coating.

image courtesy of All-Tech Decorating Company

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  1. This was a very difficult job for the extreme pitches of the 35 different elevation changes. Fortunately, the coating was applied with relative ease and made for an outstanding appearance for this 25 year old iconic building. I’ve been very pleased with the Lumiflon resin and look forward to our continued success together.

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