Perth Arena, Cameron Chisholm Nicol, Lumiflon, FEVE Resin

Fluoropolymers have provided excellent and in various architectural projects for years. provides excellent longevity, but is limited by application, gloss range, and the amount and type of colors available. FEVE resins can be easily formulated with almost any color pigments.

Like PVdF, which can only be applied and cured at temperature over 250ºC, Lumiflon FEVE resin can also be field-applied through traditional spraying methods. This flexibility allows for the coating to be applied on a substrate in a fabrication shop, or on an existing structure for .

Perth Arena, ARM Architects, Lumiflon, FEVE Resin

The 60 degree gloss range of Lumiflon FEVE resin is 5 to 90, and the high gloss may be retained in excess of 20 years. The excellent gloss range and of Lumiflon-enriched coatings help create the most unique and outstanding in architecture. In addition to bringing out the brightness of endless colors that can be used in conjunction with Lumiflon, a clear coat of the resin can help create visual effects that are desired from the design of the building.

photography courtesy of © ARM Achitects, Cameron Chisholm Nicol

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