Episode 7: A&I Coatings – Exploring Protective Coating Markets in Australia and the U.S.

In this episode, we talk with Ben Gillies, the Sales Manager for A&I Coatings in Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia. A&I Coatings make their Vitreflon fluoropolymer coating based on Lumiflon resins for ultra-durable coatings. Their products have been used on bridges in the UK, high-rise residential towers in Sydney, sculptures in Melbourne, and stadiums in New Lambton, Australia. We wil...

Episode 5: All-Tech Decorating Company – Advanced Coating Application: Insights from a Contractor

In this episode, we talk with Bob Ruff, Technical Director for All-Tech Decorating Company in Romeoville, Illinois. All-Tech is a coating and restoration contractor with more than 20 years of experience applying FEVE coatings. They've done work around the Americas from Brazil to the Caribbean to the US. We discuss All-Tech's role in the process from coating specification to application and the unique challenges they face.

Episode 4: Unova Paint Products – Asset Life Extension And Sustainability of Paint Coatings

In today’s episode, we will be talking with Mark Hearn, Technical Sales Director for Unova Paint Products based in Reading, England. We delve into Unova's recent partnership with A&I Coatings for the distribution and manufacturing of Vitreflon FEVE-based coatings in the UK and Europe. Mark explains the challenges posed by traditional top coats in the UK. The conversation also explores the environmental benefits of fluoropolymer coatings, particularly in reducing carbon emissions.