Bossier City, Tank of the Year, 2022, Tnemec Company

The winner of the 2022 Tnemec Company Tank of the Year competition is a patriotic tank on Airline Drive at Barksdale Boulevard. The Bossier City features a salute to the area’s first responders and a silhouette of a B-52, no doubt a nod to the nearby Barksdale Air Force Base.

The town is no stranger to the Tank of the Year competition, as its similarly themed Shed Road tower won the People’s Choice Award in 2020. Company representatives describe, “The graphics showcase bold colors that announce the support of our troops and first responders. The message ‘We salute our first responders is a tribute to all the hard-working police and firefighters whom the public has long-held respect for keeping the community safe.”

Bossier City, Tank of the Year, 2022, Tnemec Company

The colorful Tank, completed in April 2022, features Company’s finish Series 700 HydroFlon coating system. This system is UV-resistant and long-lasting, allowing the coating to withstand a humid climate.

The HydroFlon finish ensures long-lasting gloss and color retention. This next-generation, high-performance fluoropolymer contains Lumiflon technology, which mainly contributes to the coating system’s hyper-durability. In addition, Lumiflon FEVE resin protects surfaces, helping to prevent coating degradation from UV radiation, salt, and water. FEVE-based also offer superior color and and anti-corrosion properties that maintain the coating’s structural integrity.

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