Castle Bridge, Finzels Reach, Bristol, UK, Photography Finzels Reach Bridge

Castle Bridge is nearly 300 feet long. Connecting Finzels Reach and the city center of Bristol, the bridge is composed of curved and timber decking. The bridge sits atop Bristol's historic waterway and has become a city landmark, serving both cyclists and pedestrians. The bridge offers a gateway to the ferry landing station, Castle Park and popular shopping destinations.

Cubex, , and mixed-use developer in Bistol, says the bridge is part of their greatest vision for the city to “create plenty of car-free landscaped public spaces within the quarter, to draw people in and foster a real sense of community.”

Castle Bridge, Finzels Reach, Bristol, UK, Photography Bristol Business News
Photography courtesy of Bristol Business News

The construction of the bridge was quite challenging, requiring materials be sent on site by barge. Additionally, the site required specialized divers to provide survey data in preparation for the work done beneath the waterway. The Bridge's representatives describe, “Its unusually sinuous shape was designed so the bridge would have the minimum gradient possible between either side of the Floating Harbour. The eye-catching structure will be a lasting legacy of the Finzels Reach development—a unique footbridge that will be enjoyed by people for many years to come.”

Castle Bridge, Finzels Reach, Bristol, UK, Photography Temple Point Finzels Reach
Photography courtesy of Temple Point Finzels Reach

Substrates which feature FEVE resin are provided with longevity and in addition to excellent color and , anti-corrosion and graffiti properties, and superior , essentially protecting architectural coatings from UV radiation, water, salt and other elemental deterrents that contribute to coating degradation.

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