In our 6th episode, we embark on a captivating journey into the realm of architectural coatings, exploring the intricate interplay between color trends, technological innovation, and market dynamics. We speak with two distinguished experts from , Bob Dirks and Gabriel Morales Sada, delving deep into the fascinating world of color in .

Meet Our Experts:

Bob Dirks, the Global Segment Manager for Architectural Powder Coatings at Akzo Nobel, brings over two decades of experience in defining strategic approaches to product portfolios and market positioning. With a keen eye for industry trends and a passion for , Bob's insights offer invaluable perspectives on the evolving landscape of architectural coatings.

Gabriel Morales Sada, the Architectural and Specifications Manager for North America at Akzo Nobel, spearheads initiatives to promote technological awareness and quality standards in the architectural coatings sector. With a focus on fostering collaborative partnerships and driving innovation, Gabriel's expertise sheds light on the critical role of coatings in shaping the built environment.

FJMT, Macquarie University NWS Library, Akzo Nobel, Interpon D3000, Fluoromax

Exploring Color Trends and Market Dynamics:

In our conversation with Bob and Gabriel, we unravel the intricate process of predicting and interpreting color trends in the architectural coatings market. From macroeconomic influences to consumer preferences, Bob and Gabriel highlight the multifaceted factors that shape color trends and drive product development strategies.

Aldar Headquarters Abu Dhabi UAE MZ Architects ALPOLIC ACM Akzo Nobel Interpon D3000 Lumiflon FEVE Resin

Bob Dirks elucidates Akzo Nobel's comprehensive approach to color trend analysis, spearheaded by the Global Aesthetic Center. By harnessing insights from international experts across various industries, Akzo Nobel's color trend research provides a nuanced understanding of global consumer preferences, culminating in the annual selection of the prestigious “Color of the Year.”

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Photography ©Alan Schindler

Gabriel Morales Sada offers a unique perspective on the practical implications of color trends in the architectural value chain. As architects and designers seek to align with evolving consumer preferences and sustainability goals, Gabriel emphasizes the pivotal role of coatings in translating color trends into tangible design solutions that resonate with stakeholders.

Driving Innovation and Sustainability:

Bob and Gabriel underscore the transformative impact of technological innovation on the growth of the powder coating market segment. From advanced stone effect finishes to textures, Akzo Nobel's commitment to pushing the boundaries of powder coating offers architects and designers a versatile palette of sustainable and aesthetically pleasing options.

30 10 Hudson Yards, New York City, Kohn Pedersen Fox, KPF, Connie Zhou
Photography ©Connie Zhou

Our conversation with Bob Dirks and Gabriel Morales Sada unveils the artistry and innovation behind color in architectural coatings. As we navigate an ever-changing landscape of design trends and environmental imperatives, Akzo Nobel's visionary approach to color forecasting and technological advancement continues to shape the future of architectural coatings, inspiring creativity and sustainability in the built environment.

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