Restoration Grade II Listed Marlow Bridge, Buckinghamshire, Unova Products

According to Nishana Nazimuddin, Brand Manager at Unova Products, “In bridge design, sustainability is a philosophy that considers the long-term impact of the bridge not only on the environment and climate but also on society and the economy. When the primary consideration a few decades ago was ‘low cost’ and ‘fast development’, the focus is gradually shifting to sustainability priorities which start with extending the structure’s lifespan.”

Lossiemouth Bridge, Moray, Scotland, Beaver Bridges, Unova Products, AI Coatings, Vitreflon
Lossiemouth Bridge, Moray, Scotland, Unova Products, A&I Coatings, Vitreflon

Bridges across the United Kingdom boast high-performance coating systems that reduce lifecycle costs and minimize the ecological footprint of former bridge maintenance. Naimuddin further describes, “ paints have been one of the game-changers in this new generation of high-performance coating systems. With a coating life of up to 60 years to major maintenance and a reduction in lifecycle costs of up to 60%, these extend maintenance intervals to 2-3 times that of traditional top-quality polyurethane or polysiloxane coating systems. This significantly reduces its impact on humans, wildlife, the environment, and the economy.”

Littlehampton, West Sussex, England, Ferry Footbridge, AI Coatings
Ferry Footbridge, West Sussex, England, Unova Products, A&I Coatings, Vitreflon

Created in Japan in the mid-1980s for bridges, top-coated paint systems have gained popularity worldwide as a highly sustainable alternative to traditional systems. Unova representatives further explain, “The current global focus on Carbon Net-Zero is arousing much interest in this as it enables a robust reduction in the carbon footprint of projects by extending maintenance and repainting cycles. In addition, fluoropolymers enhance aesthetics as they provide unrivaled levels of gloss and color retention compared to traditional topcoats.”

Network Rails Shere Health Railway Overbridge, Surrey Hills, England, Unova Products
Network Rails Shere Health Railway Overbridge, Surrey Hills, England, Unova Products, A&I Coatings, Vitreflon

A&I Coatings’ Vitreflon system is a low-VOC with Lumiflon resin. Substrates that feature FEVE resin are provided with longevity and durability in addition to excellent color and gloss retention, anti-corrosion, graffiti properties, and superior weatherability, essentially protecting architectural from UV radiation, water, salt, and other elemental deterrents that contribute to coating degradation.

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