Northern Beaches Hospital Sydney Australia BVN Architects VitraGroup VitraPanel Vitreflon AI Coastings Lumiflon FEVE Resin

The Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia is the country’s biggest hospital project that is expected to open October 2018. A joint effort between CPB Contractors, BVN Architecture, and Healthscope, construction of the officially began in January of 2015 and has cost an estimated $1 billion; this also includes the $400 million spent on the infrastructure upgrades in the immediate area.

The nine story building is a modern, elegant, and bright marvel, a work of enveloped in approximately 32,290 square feet of VitraPanel in Ice White, Traffic Black, and Signal Black.

VitraGroup’s pre-finished panels, Vitrapanel, is fortified with A&I Coatings’ Vitreflon, a high-performance fluoropolymer that employs Lumiflon resin technology. Architectural that utilize Lumiflon benefit from superior and longevity. Lumiflon helps protect architectural surfaces from UV radiation, water, salt, and other elemental deterrents that compromise the structural integrity of a coating and ultimately contribute to coating failure. Coating systems enhanced with Lumiflon are most ideal for buildings that experience high exposure, especially those that are heavily used, like school buildings, hospitals, bridges, and tunnels. The advanced coatings in Lumiflon resin are what will keep Northern Beaches ’s stunning exterior facade in excellent condition for decades.

Photo courtesy of BVN Architecture

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