Squarespace Headquarters New York NYC A+I Pure+Freeform Aluminum Panels Lumiflon FEVE Resin

The Squarespace HQ in New York, NY is an office space that encourages creativity, comfort, and team cooperation, where employees are provided with a work environment that allows for both individual and team work. New York-based architecture firm A+I worked on the space, resulting in an elegant and bright office, a perfect background for creativity.

Squarespace founder and CEO Anthony Casalena shares, “Not only did we want to come together into a single space, but we also wanted to create more diverse spaces for working and collaborating.”

Dag Folger, a founding A+I partner, also explains the intention behind the design, stating “People push away from being put in boxes—may that be the box of a cubicle, of a closed room, or of the entire office. Our designs purposefully spread out the spaces where people do their work, their thinking, their collaborating and their socializing. This has proven to be very impactful and positive for the work flow.”

Squarespace Headquarters New York NYC A+I Pure+Freeform Aluminum Panels Lumiflon FEVE Resin

Architects sought a design that not only provided ideal working conditions for the employees, but would also aesthetically capture Sqarespace's brand image. The office primarily utilizes concrete and wood, and also employs a simple black and white color palette; the warmth of the natural materials were added to create more depth and texture to the .

To help boost the area's elegant and sophisticated look, Pure + Freeform's 1mm panels in Gunmetal were added to parts of the ceiling, creating a lovely minimalist aesthetic in conjunction with the white parts of the room. Together, the design was reminiscent of the Yin and Yang symbol, both simple and balanced and indicative of two complementary forces.

“The dominant modes of working – solitary, focused work and highly collaborative, engaged work – then inspired the yin-yang, black-white concept for the workspace,” Folger remarked.

The feature Lumiflon FEVE resin, providing longevity and to the project. Architectural surfaces that employ Lumiflon benefit from excellent color and in addition to superior , protecting surfaces from UV radiation, water, salt, and other factors that would compromise a coating's structural integrity.

“The new spaces we've developed have gone a long way in changing the vibe of working here,” adds Casalena, “It's definitely an impressive space, but it's also inviting and warm.”

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