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Bold, vivid architectural designs attract passersby, making it essential they retain their colorful intent. When choosing an cladding material, it is paramount to specify a material with a coating system that contains a variety of weatherability and aesthetics properties to ensure a long-lasting design.

Independence Library and Apartments, John Ronan Architects, James Florio
Independence Library and Apartments, John Ronan Architects, Photography by James Florio, ALPOLIC ACM

Numerous factors contribute to coating degradation including UV radiation, corrosion, even chemical exposure. These factors can cause a coating to chalk, fade or even fail. FEVE -based coating systems are resistant to environmental degradation and require little to no maintenance. A highly quantitated system, resins have proven their advantages under extreme weather conditions.

AFT Arquitectos, Tarjeta Naranja, Cordoba, Argentina, Photography Gonzalo Viramonte, Archello
AFT Arquitectos, Tarjeta Naranja, Cordoba, Argentina, Photography by Gonzalo Viramonte, ALPOLIC ACM

An integral property of a potential coating system is color and gloss range. resin has an unparalleled gloss range which allows for brighter color palettes. Although resins are also durable, FEVE resins have a longer life-cycle. With a long life-cycle, architectural projects with technology have reduced recoating needs which could be an expensive and disruptive potential cost.

UNStudio, ALPOLIC Materials, BAU Germany, Tradeshow Booth 2017, Prismatic, Lumiflon FEVE Resin, Photography Laurian Ghinitoiu
UNStudio, BAU Germany, Tradeshow Booth 2017, Photography Laurian Ghinitoiu, ALPOLIC ACM

When architects colorful buildings their design intent can only be ensured with the right coating technology. fluoropolymer ensure aesthetic preservation by offering unparalleled weather resistance, color retention and gloss ranges. Specifying coatings with high performing characteristics ensures a finish will endure through time while still exhibiting that initial luster.

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