Smalls Road Primary School, NWS, Photography NSW School Infrastructure

Sitting on the former site of the Ryde High School is the new 46-million-dollar primary school, Smalls Road. The school accommodates 1,000 students in a massive high-tech facility. As part of a 4.2-billion-dollar investment from the NSW government, the school was one of 150 chosen to receive upgrades. Interestingly, the original school closed 30 years prior and the site required both refurbishment and new construction.

Smalls Road Primary School, NWS, Photography TTW
Photograph ©TTW

Reminiscent of an Apple facility, the architects designed the school in a distinctive circular orientation. Over three-stories, the building features a two-story library, 43 learning facilities, and three rooms for special students. The school also features indoor and outdoor recreational spaces including a multipurpose sporting facility with sports courts and fencing.

Smalls Road Primary School, NWS, Photography NSW School Infrastructure
Photograph © NSW School

The exterior is clad in ’s Vitrapanel, a high-performance fiber cement enhanced with A&I Coatings’ 700 coating system. Vitreflon employs Lumiflon’s FEVE which offers architectural surfaces a plethora of benefits, all of which ultimately help maintain the structural integrity of the coating system.

Smalls Road Primary School, NWS, Photography Richard Crookes Constructions
Photograph © Richard Crookes Constructions

Substrates which feature FEVE resin technology are provided with longevity and durability in addition to excellent color and gloss retention, anti-corrosion and graffiti properties, and superior weatherability, essentially protecting architectural from UV radiation, water, salt and other elemental deterrents that contribute to coating degradation.

photography © various see below each image
information courtesy of Richard Crookes Constructions & TTW

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