NBRS ARCHITECTURE, Waitara Public School, NSW

To accommodate new local enrollment of up to 1,000 new students, the Waitara Public School needed a massive renovation. Funded by the NSW , the revamp included the creation of nearly 40 new classrooms, a new canteen, and administrative office space. The renovation is part of a colossal $4.2 billion budget from the NSW Government to improve public school infrastructure.

Waitara Public School, NSW
Photography ©Waitara PS

Cabinet Secretary of the Ku-ring-gai party Alister Henskens described, “We want our children to have the best possible, and this project will help deliver the top-quality learning experience our children deserve.”

NBRS ARCHITECTURE, Waitara Public School, NSW

The project was the collaborative effort of NBRSARCHITECTURE, SINSW, and ADCO. The architects at NBRS describe, “This project, completed in 2020, features 37 agile and flexible learning environments within a 4-level building envelope.” The building features open, adaptive spaces that create flexible learning environments. While the exterior utilizes colorful panels to provide a playful, yet durable, façade.

Waitara Public School, NSW
Photography ©Waitara PS

The exterior is clad in Vitragroup's Vitrapanel

Waitara Public School, NSW, Vitrapanel, Vitragroup
Photography ©

Substrates that utilize FEVE technology are provided with longevity and in addition to excellent color and , anti-corrosion and graffiti properties, and superior which protects architectural coatings from UV radiation, water, salt and other elemental deterrents that contribute to coating degradation.

photography ©NBRSARCHITECTURE and Waitara Public School
information courtesy of NSW Government and NBRSARCHITECTURE

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