Modulo Reboucas Sao Paulo Brazil Pian Arquitetos ALPOLIC ACM Lumiflon FEVE Resin

In the middle of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the vibrant and upbeat city center serves as a home to Modulo Reboucas, a development comprised of 46 office units and a theater. Designed by Dal Pian Arquitetos, the overall look of the structure is a cube; the inside of the building is a cavernous space illuminated by the abundance of natural light that enters through the glass ceiling. Surrounding this central cavern are different common areas, accompanied with a variety of gardens and other green spaces that provide visitors with different interesting views of the building's interior design.

Outside, the building dons a simply stunning design. The architects describe it as “coated by a set of frames alternating glazing modules with opaque seals made of composite panels, in shades of gray and yellow.”

Modulo Reboucas Sao Paulo Brazil Pian Arquitetos ALPOLIC ACM Lumiflon FEVE Resin

The yellow and silver ALPOLIC panels checkered throughout the office cube are fortified with high-performance Lumiflon FEVE resin . In the case of buildings that face consistent exposure to moisture, salt, UV radiation and other elemental deterrents, a super durable, long-lasting coating is essential to maintaining an architectural surface's overall aesthetic. FEVE-based coatings, when applied to a surface, provides superior and color and . This allows a coating to maintain its structural integrity without sacrificing its appearance.

Information and photos courtesy of Architizer

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