Rabobank Office, Eindhoven, Netherlands, UNStudio, Photography Hans Wilschut

World-renowned architecture studio, UNStudio, designed the Rabobank Office with in mind. The architects describe, “Our design facilitates the ‘Rabobank Unplugged' principle, creating an environment in which both cooperation and concentration is made possible.”

Rabobank Office, Eindhoven, Netherlands, UNStudio, Photography Hans Wilschut
©Photography Hans Wilschut

The design focuses on the integration of a stand-alone design with an urban campus effect. The façade's colossal nature is offset utilizing a horizontal orientation that is broken up by various visual elements. Ceramic bands with colorful underbellies help to distinguish the volumes from the exterior.

As sustainability was a primary focus, the architects designed the building to meet BREEAM Excellent standards. The highly efficient building has numerous multi-purpose spaces, such as the light-filled atrium that creates communal space for employees while serving as a thermal buffer for the building.

The architects further explain, “With the aforementioned features, a healthy working environment is created. Next to the daylighting, social gathering possibilities, high comfort, and individual control, high air quality is also reached, aided by a careful selection of materials to reduce VOC emissions.”

Rabobank Office, Eindhoven, Netherlands, UNStudio, Photography Hans Wilschut
©Photography Hans Wilschut

One of the featured materials is ALUCOBOND® PLUS Cupral panels that adorn the underbellies of the various volumes. The Spectra line of finishes has iridescent qualities that produce color-shifting abilities. The panels change color in varying hues to reveal reds and oranges when touched by natural light.

® Spectra panels feature a Lumiflon FEVE resin topcoat. The lower VOC topcoat allows for unparalleled gloss and and also prevents both chalking and fading. The color's brightness can be attributed to the use of Lumiflon FEVE resin. Additionally, using a high-performance fluoropolymer topcoat will ensure protection against elemental deterrents that contribute to degradation.

photography ©Hans Wilschut
information courtesy of UNStudio

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