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Lumiflon FEVE Resin Supports Vision For NFL Stadium’s Sustainable Design

The US Bank Stadium is the new home of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings and is considered the largest construction project in Minnesota history. Ground breaking began in 2013 after the former Vikings’ Metrodome collapsed for the fifth time. The replacement facility, which was completed in July 2016, is a 1.75 million square-foot site that is the pinnacle sustainable design. Continue reading Read More

Nation’s First Net Zero Public Safety Building Uses Valflon Coating System With LUMIFLON FEVE Resin

Public service buildings (PSB) have the ability to reflect the community in which they reside. In this case, having a LEED Platinum, net zero PSB, allowed Salt Lake City to showcase their movement towards innovative and sustainable development. Interestingly, this building is the nation’s very first net zero public safety building, meaning the structure produces as much energy as it consumes. Continue reading Read More