In our 4th episode, Asset Life Extension And of Paint Coatings our host, we sat down with Mark Hearn, Technical Sales Director for Paint Products. Unova is at the forefront of innovation, committed to providing premium-quality paint solutions.

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in the UK: Mark explains the challenges posed by traditional top coats, particularly polyurethane, in the UK. He highlights the issues of rapid deterioration under UV exposure and the resulting corrosion, emphasizing the need for a more durable solution. The discussion centers around how fluoropolymer technology addresses these challenges and extends the life expectancy of structures.

Littlehampton, West Sussex, England, Ferry Footbridge, AI Coatings

Environmental Impact and Carbon Reduction: The conversation explores the environmental benefits of fluoropolymer coatings, particularly in reducing carbon emissions. Mark discusses how fluoropolymer technology minimizes the need for frequent repaints, resulting in significant life cycle cost savings for bridge owners and contributing to carbon reduction goals.

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Applications Beyond Bridges: Mark and Winn discuss the versatility of fluoropolymer coatings beyond bridges, touching upon their application in FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Polymer) structures, , and other architectural elements. The conversation explores the potential for fluoropolymer in various industries, including its fire-resistant properties.

Market Trends and Challenges: Mark shares insights into short-term and long-term market trends, citing the growing interest in fluoropolymer coatings for bridge projects. The conversation touches upon the challenges of introducing a new technology to a conservative industry and the importance of specifications in influencing coating choices.

Environmental Regulations: Mark addresses concerns related to PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) and isocyanates, providing clarity on how Unova's fluoropolymer coatings align with environmental regulations. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the full life cycle and environmental impact when evaluating coating technologies.

Longthorpe, Nene, Parkaway, Bridge, AI-Coatings, Vitreflon, FEVE, Lumiflon, Cambridge, Peterborough, Infrastructure, UK

The Role of Specifications: The discussion underscores the significance of specifications in driving the adoption of fluoropolymer coatings. Mark highlights the collaborative efforts with asset owners, designers, councils, and contractors to ensure a unified approach toward embracing this transformative technology.

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