Network Rails Shere Health Railway Overbridge, Surrey Hills, England, Unova Products

The Shere Heath Bridge in Guilford, Surrey Hills, was commissioned by Network Rail in 2021. The bridge serves as an aesthetically pleasing replacement to bridge together the village of Shere in scenic Surrey Hills.

Network Rails, Shere Health Railway Overbridge, Surrey Hills, England, Surrey Police Roads Policing Unit
Photo ©Surrey Police Roads Policing Unit

For years Network Rail had specified coatings systems with life spans of 20-25 years, such as Acrylic Urethane and Polysiloxane systems but has since begun to specify higher performance coated systems. Representatives at Unova Products describe, “The advent of top-coated systems has now enabled a significant extension of coating lifetimes to up to 60 years, reduced and a considerable reduction in carbon footprints. In addition, the notable anti-graffiti properties of fluoropolymers also carry great benefits in most locations.”

Network Rails, Shere Heath, Railway, Overbridge, Surrey Hills, England
Photo ©Network Rails

Created in Japan in the mid-1980s for bridges, Fluoropolymer top-coated paint systems have gained popularity worldwide as a highly sustainable alternative to traditional coatings systems. representatives further explain, “The current global focus on Carbon Net-Zero is arousing much interest in this as it enables a robust reduction in the carbon footprint of projects by extending maintenance and repainting cycles. In addition, fluoropolymers also enhance aesthetics as they provide unrivaled levels of gloss and compared to traditional topcoats.”

Network Rails, Shere Heath, Railway, Overbridge, Surrey Hills, England
Photo ©Network Rails

The specified coating system for the Shere Heath Bridge was A&I Coatings

Substrates that feature FEVE resin technology are provided with longevity and in addition to excellent color and , anti-corrosion, graffiti properties, and superior , essentially protecting architectural coatings from UV radiation, water, salt, and other elemental deterrents that contribute to coating degradation.

information courtesy of Unova Products
photography ©see below each image

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