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Reaching completion in 2009, the North Hollywood Gateway is a brilliant and bold piece of that spans across a busy intersection in Los Angeles. The project was designed by Peter Shire, an artist who was chosen by a selection panel made up of community artists, representatives, art professionals, and staff from the California Redevelopment Agency(CRA).

The gateway features various embellishments that represent the entertainment industry. These decorations were attached to a brightly colored overhead truss. The truss was decorated with flourishes that depict performers in costumes, set construction and operating cameras, and musical notes on a bar. Amidst the chaotic scene unfolding across the truss' surface, the name “NoHo” is emblazoned in the center.

The project took nearly a decade to plan, and one of the challenges of the gateway was building a structure that would last. Coating consultant Dustin Kaatz remarked, “The project's owner was looking for longevity. The truss was constructed of galvanized and stainless , so proper surface preparation was important prior to applying the high-performance coating system.”

The truss was prepared in accordance with SSPC-SP7/NACE No. 4 Brush-Off Blast Cleaning before the coatings were applied. Tnemec's Series 1070V was added as a topcoat, completing the coating system that was already in place. Fluoronar is a low-VOC, high-performance that is renowned for its exceptional color and capabilities, which is ideal for high-profile projects like the gateway.

“The North Hollywood Gateway spans a heavily traveled intersection, so the art project gets noticed by everybody,” Kaatz said, “It's a large, brightly colored artwork that's drawing a lot of attention.”

Buildings that are subjected to the dry, subtropical climate of Los Angeles need a hyper-durable, UV-resistant exterior coating to help prevent chalking, fading, and coating degradation. The Lumiflon FEVE resin employed by Fluoronar is what allows the of the North Hollywood Gateway to remain in pristine condition for decades.

Information courtesy of Tnemec

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite

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