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comprises the world's most recognized brands in a variety of markets including , food service, and automotive. The most important component of corporate design is consistency. Consistency is achieved through a variety of factors from distinctive design elements to designated color schemes.

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Corporate colors are so important that manufacturers of building products have dedicated custom color lines to the various programs. When it comes to color, coatings are paramount. A corporate color must first be consistent, matching the brand's unique and distinctive hues to ensure national or even international recognition.

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When choosing a coatings manufacturer, an integrated FEVE system features a variety of advantageous qualities. FEVE resins achieve unparalleled color range and , ensuring bright and constant colors.

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Additionally, this fluoropolymer allows a substrate to withstand the length of the intended program with unmatched . Its hyper- is showcased in the resin's ability to withstand environmental deterrents such as UV radiation, salt and water degradation.

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While markets vary greatly, consistency remains the most important factor in corporate identity. Consistency can be achieved through designated colorways but their ability to withstand the length of a program without fading or failing is reliant on the specified coatings system. FEVE fluoropolymer technology is the premier choice for corporate design with the ability to offer a brand uniformity, durability, and flexibility.

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