Portland Japanese Garden Oregon Kengo Kuma Pure Freeform Lumiflon FEVE Resin

Oregon’s Portland Japanese Garden is a place of extraordinary beauty. The gorgeous, calming landscapes, feature a traditional Japanese teahouse and a stunning gallery. Nobuo Matsunaga, Japan’s former Ambassador to the United States, has rightfully regarded the garden as, “the most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden in the world outside of Japan”.

In April 2017, the Portland Japanese Garden opened its Cultural Village expansion to the public. Tokyo-based architect, Kengo Kuma, designed the 3.4-acre addition, which features three brand new buildings. In 2010, Kengo Kuma & Associates won a design competition, securing their spot as the firm responsible for the garden. Inspired by Japanese monzenmachi, or gate towns, Kuma designed a multipurpose space that could be used for a multitude of purposes ranging from educational events to cultural festivities.

The garden’s website indicated that the purpose of the expansion project was to “…[exist] harmoniously with nature and [serve] as a mere frame from which to view the exquisite beauty of the surrounding landscape.”

Portland Japanese Garden Oregon Kengo Kuma Pure Freeform Lumiflon FEVE Resin

The garden’s newest buildings, the Jordan Schnitzer Japanese Arts Learning Center, the Garden House, and the Umani Café, were all designed utilizing traditional Japanese elements. However, modern materials such as framing, glass curtain walls, and aluminum were used to construct each building. The panels used for the café’s sloped roof, the learning center, and Garden House’s ground-floor wraparound roofs were manufactured by Pure + Freeform.

The panels, which feature an 8-coat Lumiflon coating, were designed with a custom finish, which emulates the appearance of a stone. Pure + Freeform elaborated on the final product, stating, “The surface has silver and white pearlescent ink with matte granite layers on top.”

Portland Japanese Garden Oregon Kengo Kuma Pure Freeform Lumiflon FEVE Resin

The Lumiflon-coated panels, which were locally sourced, recyclable, and contain low-VOC contributed to the garden’s Gold certification.

Surfaces enriched with Lumiflon resin offer durability, exceptional weatherability, and matchless color and gloss retention. They added, “The marine grade aluminum also features a custom 8-coat Lumiflon coating, which will allow the color and design to remain unchanged for decades to come.”

Photos courtesy of Dezeen and Pure + Freeform

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