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Is It Possible To Get LEED Credit For An FEVE Resin?

LEED credits are sometimes disguised in certain building construction or building remodeling practices. When researching the categories within the “LEED Existing Building Guidelines Manual” several catergories show possibilities for the use of FEVE coatings to get LEED credits:

1) Sustainable Sites
SS Credit 2: Building Exterior & Hardscape Management Plan
SS Credit 7.1: Heat Island Reduction – Non-Roof

2) Energy and Atmosphere
EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Efficiency Performance

3) Materials and Resources
MR Credit 3: Sustainable Purchasing – Facility Alterations and Additions

4) Innovations and Operations
IO Credit 1: Innovative Changes to Building (LEED-type goal)
IO Credit 3: Documenting Sustainable Building Cost Impacts

Posted in: Sustainability

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