Lighthouse’s Historically-Correct Candy Apple Red Color Restored With FEVE Coating

Charlevoix South Pier Lighthouse Michigan Restoration North Group LLC Tnemec Fluoronar FEVE Lumiflon
The newly-renovated Charlevoix South Pier Lighthouse’s once bright red paint was nothing more than a faded coating, so Charlevoix Historical Society and the City of Charlevoix set out to find a new coating system. The new system would not only restore the lighthouse’s historically-correct shade of red, but would also ensure the color and gloss retention of the coating.

Fluoronar Revives Extravagant Las Vegas Casino

excalibur casino las vegas fluoronar tnemec lumiflon feve veldon simpson
The extravagent Excalibur Hotel and Casino sits along the Las Vegas Strip. The medieval-themed casino was originally completed in 1990, where it started a rapidly growing trend of luxurious buildings that popped up along the Strip. The original plan for Excalibur Casino was for the castle’s turrets to be recoated every three to four years; however, the long-term costs of maintaining Excalibur’s exterior coatings would grow astronomically. To avoid this, Tnemec's Fluoronar with Lumiflon FEVE resin was chosen to coat the turrets in a 2000 renovation.

Iconic Ghost Ballet Sculpture Recoated With Fluoronar Topcoat

ghost ballet nashville alice aycock fluoronar lumiflon tnemec
This ballet is a haunting vision of red; its glaring vermillion limbs curved upward around each other, unmoving. The Ghost Ballet dances in the Nashville skyline, its audience the visitors who are curious enough to take a step closer. Completed in 2007, Ghost Ballet was the first project that was funded by the City of Nashville’s public art ordinance, which is administered by the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission (MNAC.) In 2014, Ghost Ballet was due for a recoating, as the artwork’s characteristic fire engine red coating was beginning to fade. To ensure that the new coatings stay intact, the red, maroon, and gray parts of the sculpture were given a topcoat of Tnemec’s Series 1070 Fluoronar. The high-performance fluoropolymer contains LUMIFLON FEVE resin technology that offers the long-term color and gloss retention necessary for a high-profile project like Ghost Ballet.