Student Services Building’s Shimmering Façade Enhanced With Lumiflon

Ngoolark Student Services Building ECU JCY Architects and Urban Designers Perth Australia 2015 Alucobond Aluminum Composite Spectra Lumiflon FEVE Resin
Edith Cowan University’s (ECU) Ngoolark Student Services Building in Perth, Western Australia, is a civic and infrastructure building that serves as a link connecting numerous buildings and pathways. JCY Architects and Urban Designers were challenged with the task of designing a building that would unite many of the campus buildings, and found a viable solution by linking two primary administration buildings. In addition to uniting important pedestrian pathways and two main administration buildings, Ngoolark also connects the campus library, the lecture theatre, and all buildings on east side of the campus. The $72 million project reached completion in 2015, offering ECU a new interactive platform that will allow campus life to grow and flourish.

Color-Changing Mixed Use Development Shines With Lumiflon Coating

marine gateway perkins will architects vancouver british columbia alucobond aluminum composite material mark kempf photography lumiflon feve
Marine Gateway is a mixed-use development that stands on a formerly underused industrial site in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The transit-oriented development is the first of its kind, as a transit hub and the South Vancouver Bus Loop is incorporated in the design. The development is an exemplary model of sustainable design, as it is LEED Gold certified.