Colorful Apartment Complex In Reston, Virginia Features Iridescent Panels Coated With Lumiflon FEVE Resin Topcoat

Exo Apartments, Reston, VA, ALUCOBOND Spectra Ocean, R2L Architects, Mark Kempf Photography
Usually reserved for bold European designs, the Exo Apartments in Reston, Virginia boast a facade clad entirely of aluminum composite. The iridescent exterior is enveloped in ALUCOBOND Spectra Ocean, a color-shifting finish which features a LUMIFLON FEVE resin topcoat. Interestingly, the façade has more than one adaptive cladding material, the building also utilizes smart glass technology that changes severity of window tint to optimize natural daylight penetration.

Modular Pods Feature Kaleidoscopic Finish Enhanced With LUMIFLON FEVE Resin

Harwyn, Modular, Education, Music Room, Pod, Jason Fremder, Australia, Spectra Cupral, Alucobond ACM
The original Harwyn pods were made to provide a modern alternative to the traditional home office. Offering a separated dedicated space, modularized, for the at-home worker. While its debut started in the residential marketplace, Harwyn has more recently branched into the education market, providing schools with more contemporary spaces for their campuses.

Architectural Marvels That Feature Lumiflon Nominated For Elevation Awards

Amazon Spheres Seattle Washington NBBJ Fluoronar Tnemec Lumiflon FEVE Resin
In its second year, Durability and Design’s Elevation Awards aims to recognize those who rose to the top of the coatings industry, producing outstanding aesthetics and technical effects through architectural applications. Of the amazing nominees up for the award, three projects that utilize Lumiflon FEVE resin were nominated as well. Amazon Spheres This artfully-designed masterpiece is...