Colorful Primary School In NSW Showcases State-Of-The-Art Design

Smalls Road Primary School, NWS, Photography NSW School Infrastructure
Sitting on the former site of the Ryde High School is the new 46-million-dollar primary school, Smalls Road. The school accommodates 1,000 students in a massive high-tech facility. As part of a 4.2-billion-dollar investment from the NSW government, the school was one of 150 chosen to receive upgrades. Interestingly, the original school closed 30 years prior and the site required both refurbishment...

NSW Public School Redeveloped Into Modern Learning Facility For Students And Staff

Epping Public School, NWS, Grindley
The Epping Public School in New South Wales (NSW) was designed by NBRS Architecture. The school’s redevelopment modernized the facility by creating additional spaces to accommodate an influx of new students. Increasing the school’s capacity by over 700, the new three-story building features a library, special programs room, and 22 flexible classrooms.

S-Shaped Bridge Becomes Landmark For Cyclists And Pedestrians In Historic Bristol

Castle Bridge, Finzels Reach, Bristol, UK, Photography Finzels Reach Bridge
Castle Bridge is nearly 300 feet long. Connecting Finzels Reach and the city center of Bristol, the bridge is composed of curved steel and timber decking. The bridge sits atop Bristol’s historic waterway and has become a city landmark, serving both cyclists and pedestrians. The bridge offers a gateway to the ferry landing station, Castle Park and popular shopping destinations.