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Arts Center Enriched With Lumiflon Bridges Gap Between Traditional And Modern Architecture

The National Center for the Performing Arts of China is an artfully-crafted masterpiece that sits in the heart of Beijing, next to the Great Hall of the People and close to Tiananmen Square. Designed by French architect Paul Andreu, the $400 million art complex’s architectural design was meant to stand as a tribute to China’s traditional image of heaven and earth. Continue reading Read More

Shopping Mall’s Unique Exterior Preserved With Lumiflon-Coated ACM

At the tenth anniversary Commercial Real Estate Awards in Moscow, Krasnodar, Russia’s OZ Shopping and Entertainment Center emerged as the best large shopping mall in the country. Designed by the Group Dyer, the OZ Mall Krasnoder is the first-ever shopping center to be completed from a multi-million dollar project whose main objective is to build similar shopping centers throughout Russia. Continue reading Read More